When is the best time to book for the Arctic?


We get asked multiple times when is the best time to book for the Arctic and why journeys to the arctic are full, and why we often ask travelers to book 8-12 months in advance to avoid disappointments

Planning wisely for the Arctic is a must, especially if you have special preferences, dates are not flexible and if you are looking for the authentic Arctic experience. The Arctic is not a last minute destination to book, especially in the winter season in some (Lapland) and in the summer season (Iceland, Lofoten Islands).

The best time to book for the Arctic is 10-12 months in advance. Below is some info to help you plan better for the Arctic

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Finding the right Lodge and activity provider

The Arctic requires a lot of planning, especially if you are looking for high end lodges, small boutique accommodation, family run stays. The infrastructure just cannot handle all the demands and with a very low population, options are scarce. To choose the right activity partner is very important if you are looking for authentic experiences, care about animal welfare and sustainability and, ensure a small group of travelers versus a mass number.

Limited Rooms

A lot of property in the north have limited rooms, unlike cities. Especially if you are looking for a wilderness cabin experience, and choose the authentic way versus trends. Unlike cities, the Arctic does not have many options, and typically, the best ones are booked years in advance. Lapland is one of the fastest growing tourism region in the world, due to low population, supply can’t keep up with demand.

Better Rates

The trick to getting better rates in to plan 10-12 months in advance, and in some places even more, in order to find good rates and availability. The closer you are to your travel dates (6-8 months), rates sky rocket up.


Inflation is on the rise. We have noticed rates increasing more than 10-20% every season.

Seasonal Destination

The Arctic is a seasonal destination. Unlike cities.This means travelers are booking for stays and experiences for limited time of the year. Therefore, booking in advance allows you to beat the rush and helps you find the right journey for you.