A Retreat {the act of letting go and withdrawing, a time away in a quiet and secluded place where your soul is set on fire}

Every retreat is its own journey. The choice to avoid risk is the choice to avoid living, and to avoid living is one of the greatest risk of all. When we intentionally tune into one another, we enter another realm.

We begin to speak without words.
Feel without touch.
See with our eyes closed.
Our bond is soul deep
and our love is a retreat from this world as we know it.

Our TJD Wellness Retreats offer exclusive journeys, designed by partnering with some of the best experts in their field, to help you gain a stronger connection to yourself in a state of flow, on a slow adventure movement. 


Photography Workshop
A Culinary Journey
July 25-29, 2023
Family Arctic Retreat
August 6-13, 2023
Wellness Soul Journey
Finland - Journaling, Nature, Wellness, Northern Lights
September 16-20, 2023