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Longyearbyn 78.2232° N, 15.6267° E



Adventures close to the North Pole!! Welcome to the Northernmost inhabited town on earth. Svalbard offers our most adventurous trip yet! From snowmobiling along a glacier, to search for Arctic Wildlife. There are three main seasons in Svalbard: Polar Summer, Northern Lights Winter and Sunny Winter. Each season has its unique charms and characteristics. The Polar Summer, the Midnight Sun, has already dominated the sky for more than a month when summer marks its entrance on the 17th of May (Norway’s Constitution Day) and won’t drop below the horizon again until late August. In a polar summer day and night becomes one in the High Arctic, and the light is the same around the clock.


May 2 - May 7, 2022
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lodging and activities

Glacier Kayaking

Our exclusive kayak trips on the North side of the Isfjord. Here you will paddle along magnificent fronts and icebergs. Our trips are day trips, with no prior kayak experience necessary. Our professional guides will lead you safely through this extraordinary experience.

Wildlife Excursion

Discover Svalbard’s unique nature in our closed and comfortable boats. Our main focus: Wildlife, Nature and Glaciers. Each day, we chose a different destination in the Isfjord to combine our search for wildlife with the best possible weather.

Snowmobile Safari

On this snowmobile trip we will go to the magnificent east coast, where the nature is untouched and the land frozen solid. We will experience a view that is hard to describe. You don’t want to miss this amazing experience.

Walrus Excursion

The walrus is one of the most intriguing animals in the Arctic. Most of the summer, they stay in the same area and love to sunbathe on the beach. One of the best known colonies close to Longyearbyen is on Poolepynten on Prince Karl’s Forland. Thanks to our special designed speedboats, we can easily reach this colony on a day trip.

Wilderness Evening

Experience the magic of being in the wilderness at 78 degrees north! Our wilderness evening at Camp Barentz is a very special experience which you really should enjoy during your stay in Longyearbyen.

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