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The Arctic Circle marks the southernmost point at which the centre of the sun is visible during the June solstice. The summer solstice is the time of the year when the sun is always visible – the sun just never sets. In the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice falls around 21th of June and the farther north you are, the longer is the polar day. The season with midnight light in Swedish Lapland is around 100 days long.


Jul 27 - Jul 31, 2023
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Jul 30 - Aug 6, 2023
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Aug 6 - Aug 13, 2023
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lodging and activities


Set off on a Whitewater Rafting expedition, down the mighty rivers of Lapland. Depending on the seasonal melt, we take on the Kalix River or Råne River. Tailored to all skill levels, this adrenaline filled activity is accessible to everyone.


Visit Swedish Horse Stables, where you'll have a chance to learn basic Western riding skills and philosophy. On your well-trained horse you can ride out in the woods and land, or stay in the arena and learn more about riding a horse with ease.


Go deeper into the arctic culture, exploring our traditions of food and stories. Help by picking some of the ingredients from forest around you. A local chef will introduce you to a new side of what the arctic food story is all about and the strong influences from the Sami heritage. Travel through a variety of old and new techniques in cooking and preservation and learn about what makes the arctic cuisine so special.


Explore the surrounding river and it’s lakes by canoe or kayak. With some luck you’ll see local wildlife and perhaps a beaver or an Otter.


Experience the Swedish Wilderness from the comfort of your very own cabin. Unwind and relax by the fireplace.

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