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TJD is an adventure travel company, founded by two best friends, Michelle Karam & Dennis Stever. Built on a shared passion for the Nordic countries and East Africa with a love for the outdoors. TJD strives to showcase the beauty of these locations through unique travel experiences. We take you on journeys to destinations that are filled with wonder, nature, legends and wild landscapes; places where only few people have been. We have created TJD by following our passion and taking a leap of faith into the unknown.


Our promise, is to provide authentic experiences with full transparency. We aim to support local businesses through sustainable travel. Working hand in hand with our partners and giving back to local communities.

We will be with you every step of the way, as we would on our own journey. Sharing our energies through storytelling under the open sky; creating our realities together.


This is what Travel with TJD is all about… Creating Your Own Reality.




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What We Do

Having worked in the Nordic Countries and Africa for many years, our enthusiasm and extensive knowledge provides a comfort in exploring unique destinations. Our Journeys are curated in the most dedicated way, built on a passion for adventure. TJD creates bespoke itineraries, specializes in intimate group trips and can cater to all of your travel needs. We understand that traveling can be a little overwhelming, which is why we will be there the entire way. From putting together an itinerary and finding the right flights, to the time of packing your suitcase with a guide on what to wear. We design solo trips; family holidays, honeymoons, incentives, corporate travel, school trips - accommodating your schedule, budget and preference. We also provide 'Destination Hosts', where you can book a TJD member to be guide and host on location.


The destinations on TJD is curated in the most dedicated way, built on a passion for adventure, discovering new places and a desire to understand different cultures all year round! Experiencing the midnight sun in the arctic to witnessing the northern lights.
We create journeys for all ages throughout all seasons.

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Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest
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Feb 5 - Feb 9
Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park & Akagera National Park
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Mar 5 - Mar 11
Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest
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Mar 8 - Mar 13
Finland - In Search for the Northern Lights
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Mar 12 - Mar 16
Svalbard - Exploring the Remote Arctic
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May 1 - May 6
ISK 670,000
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Aug 12 - Aug 17


2020 - 2021

Stephen Kamat

2018 - TJD Finland Winter Series and 2019 - TJD Noway Winter Series

I traveled to northern Finland with Travel with TJD and not only had an amazing experience hunting for the northern lights but met some even more amazing people along the way. Michelle and Dennis do a wonderful job of curating really interesting and not so “typical” trips to some really cool places. They also happen to be even cooler people which helps bring people together. I enjoyed my first trip so much that I joined them three months later for a sail trip in the Arctic circle in Tromso, Norway! I’m looking forward to my next adventure with Travel with TJD, wherever that may take me.

Dina Kaloti

2019 - TJD Norway Series

It’s my second time to travel with TJD the experience is breathtaking, exciting and you meet wonderful people along the way. Highly recommend for an experience of a lifetime.

Dina Baradhy

2020 - TJD Finland Winter Series

I’ve had the best trip of my entire life few days ago to Finland & I wouldn’t travel again with anyone else but TJD. Attentive, Detailed, caring, supportive, meticulous, all with a beautiful spirit is the least I can say. I’m unpacking and already booking my next plans with TJD. I will forever be thankful!


2019 - TJD Norway Series

"Never would I have thought I would go on a group trip. Nor, did I expect that this would be one of the best trips I have done so far. This trip has exceeded my expectations and was beyond unforgettable! Your enthusiasm, positive energy, efforts and care before within and even after the trip, have made a massive impact on everyone and have been an inspiration to me on a personal level. You really put your heart and soul in to what you do and have shown that you CAN make your dreams come true and that makes me chase mine! Also, not to forget the incredible selection of the guests. I made some amazing friends through this amazing little journey and we all shared an unforgettable experience. As you kept saying “It’s an experience” and I would recommend everyone to experience a TJD trip themselves! Keep shining! Much love “

Nahel Selo

2019 - TJD Finland Winter Series

“As someone who always travel solo, this was an incredible experience! The dynamic of the group worked perfectly together! Michelle & Dennis took really good care of us and managed to capture all the right moments. The Itinerary was beautifully curated and it definitely exceeded all my expectations. Sleeping in the Aurora cabins, watching the stars at night was truly mind-blowing. I would travel with TJD again in a heartbeat! Thank you guys for really making it a trip of a lifetime! “

Farah and Wael

2019 - TJD Finland Winter Series

”The best trip ever!! Michelle & Dennis you were the highlight of the trip! It was our first experience to travel with TJD and we were pleasantly surprised with the professionalism, punctuality, dedication and fun spirit throughout the trip. Michelle & Dennis were very knowledgable about the Arctic, the activities and handpicked the itinerary! It was just a perfect vacation. I recommend this trip to everyone! If you ever want to travel hassle free and have the best time of your life just contact TJD. Michelle & Dennis, keep shining! You have put a smile on our faces and we can’t wait for our next TJD trip! “

travel diaries

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Team TJD

January 13, 2021

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