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Traveling to Rwanda

Recently, we decided to open a new destination on our TJD Journeys. We thought long and hard about a special destination that changes lives filled with adventures and unique experiences. Gorilla Trekking, Game Drives, The Big 5, Culinary Experiences and mind blowing nature with warm hearted people.

Rwanda matched them all.

It was an easy YES once we learned more on Rwanda and what the East African country offered. During those uncertain times, we had to do our safety research first, and this is what we learned.

  1. Temperature measurements at all buildings
  2. Washing stations everywhere and sanitizer
  3. Mandatory wearing of a mask in public
  4. Social distancing measures in place
  5. Public transport taking half the the number of passengers.
  6. Constant reminders on radio and tv.
  7. 30% employees in offices at a given period of time.
  8. Random free tests across the city and country by government.
  9. Also efforts by government to ensure at least results are available in 24hrs.
  10. Setting up of covid testing sites in at least all provinces for tourists.
  11. Closure of bars/team sports that would bring people closer to each other.
  12. Strict curfew of 10pm-04am.
  13. PCR tests prior arrival to Rwanda and PCR test on arrival to Rwanda


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the visas procedures?

A. Visas are on arrival and are $50

Q. What are the COVID-19 Regulations?

A. A Negative PCR test must be provided before departing your country and upon landing in Rwanda. Upon departure, a negative COVID19 test must be presented too. We will be organizing covid19 tests on arrival to Rwanda and on departure.

Q. What type of accommodation are we staying in?

A. We offer 5-star hotel accommodation in Kigali and a 5-star luxury tented camp in Akagera National Park

Q. What is the minimum age for the gorilla trekking?

A. The minimum age is 15 years

Q. How much is the gorilla trekking permit?

A. The government has imposed a $1500 fee per person for the gorilla trekking permit. This also aids in conservation for the gorillas and the community. It also protects a large number of tourists from entering and protects the number of people visiting.

Q. What airline should we fly with?

A. We would recommend you fly with RwandAir.

Q. Is there a direct flight to Rwanda?

A. If you are flying from Dubai, it would be a direct 6 hour flight with RwandAir 

Q. What animals do we see during the game drive safari?

A. Akagera National Park is home to the Big 5, (Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Buffalos, Leopards) and many other animals such as giraffes, zebras, hyenas, birds, hippos, and many more. We will be looking for them on land in a 4×4 and on water on a boat.

Q. I have special dietary requirements, would this be a challenge?

A. All meals are included in our package costs. We will note all your dietary requirements and make sure there are many options for you to choose from.

Q. I am a solo traveler, can I still travel with TJD?

A. Of-course, you have two options, you can join our group or, we can organize your own personalized trip to Rwanda.

Q. Is Rwanda Safe?

A. Rwanda is one of the safest country in Africa. It is also the cleanest country in Africa. In 2009, Rwanda also banned single use plastic. It has also been one of the best country to fight COVID19.


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