Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Are your TJD trips child friendly?

A. Some of our TJD group series are family friendly,  example the ones in Sweden and Finland. The others are mostly adults only due to the nature of the journey.
Q. Can you organize a family trip for us that is child friendly?

A. Ofcourse, our private itinerary is personally designed to meet your requirements and adventure level, keeping in mind the age of your children and the activities suitable for you and your family.
Q. I have never been to the Arctic, I don’t know what to pack!

A. You do not have to worry at all about that! We will provide you with the right winter gear upon arrival. We will also provide you with a detailed packing list for your trip, and will be available prior your journey to guide you on what to pack.

Q. Are flights included in the costs?

A. No. Because our travelers are across the world, we do not include international flights or domestic flights.

Q. I am Vegan, would that be difficult to manage my diet requirements?

A. Not at all, we have you fill a requirement list prior your trip to manage your dietary preferences

Q. What is the max capacity in your TJD Series Group Trips?

A. Our TJD group trips are numbered between 8-12 guests.

Q. My company would like to organize an incentive trip for our team. Would you be able to do that?

A. Yes, we organize anything from team building activities, incentive trips and press trips.

Q. Is there a hairdryer in the rooms?

A. Yes, in most places we stay in, hairdryers are found in the rooms. However, please make sure you request for one prior your trip.

Q. When can we see the Aurora Borealis?

A. The Northern Lights are visible from end of October to early April in the arctic circle. The further North you go, the higher/stronger the chances of you to see the lights.

Q. Can you guarantee we will see the Northern Lights?

A. There is never a guarantee with Mother Nature as it is a natural Phenomena. But, we will do our very best to hunt for them. All we need a clear sky at night.
Q. What are the payment procedures?
A.Our payment plans are based on installment phases on 5 or 6 months or 50%/50%. We do our best to facilitate and make it easier for you.

Q. What are the Cancellation policies?
A. In case of Force Majeur or COVID19 related, you will receive the full refund amount in the form of a travel voucher to be used for up to 2 years.

Q. Can we exchange the name of the voucher?
A.We want to be as flexible as possible so yes. Please contact us first though before doing so.

Q. I have already planned a trip to Isle of Skye can we hire TJD as our Expedition leaders?
A.Yes, whether you have booked with us your trip or not, you can still contact us to book your expedition leader to guide you on your trip.

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