Favorite Places to eat in Reykjavik

We love our culinary experiences across our journeys. If you ever traveled with us before, you would know the familiar random stops at every corner supermarket, hot dog kiosk and street market, almost as if the world would end, before venturing into the wilderness.

Our recent trip to Reykjavik in Iceland with TJD allowed us to explore more new restaurants, and some, familiar ones that we cannot miss on our visit to Reykjavik. Sometimes, more often, we continue to be loyal to some our favorite places and eateries in the city.

Here is a list of TJD Favorite places to eat in Reykjavik. You can also follow along on our next group trip to Iceland in July 2023 (Follow link here) and try them out yourselves with us!

1.  Messinn 

Messinn is a small seafood restaurant, situated in the heart of Reykjavík, Iceland. Their speciality is fresh fish served for lunch and dinner every day of the week. We recommend trying one of their famous arctic char pans, where they serve sizzlingly fresh fish straight from the kitchen, along with butter fried potatoes and mouth watering vegetables. It’s perfect for sharing in a warm and cozy environment. Book your table beforehand or swing by when you hit town. Either way — You will thank us later.

W: Messinn


2. Emilie and The Cool Kids

You ain’t cool enough if you miss out on this! At Emilie and the Cool Kids in Reykjavik everything is homemade…. but really homemade.
All the products offered are prepared every day in our kitchens with our little hands and with all our love. 150 original sweet recipes inspired by American pastries and original seasonal product launches each quarter. Emilie’s is also the perfect place for lunch, with a menu of bagels and varied salads, vegetarian and vegan variations, and generous preparations! Get ready for mouth watering experiences!

W: Emilie and The Cool Kids


3. Ramen Mono

A very, very, very small place in Reykjavik but very much worth it if you are a ramen fan! Established by ramen chef and founder Kunsang Tsering and his wife Erna Pétursdóttir in 2014 with the opening of Ramen Momo (2014) and Ramen Lab Reykjavík (2017). Ramen Momo is the only ramen station in Iceland and the first noodle bar to produce organic fresh noodles. The aim of the restaurant is to support the local market therefore most of the ingredients used at the restaurant are made in Iceland. Ramen Momo also aims to be sustainable and responsible with the environment, offering to our customers a discount if bringing their own container. Highly recommended with the friendliest staff.

W: Ramen Mono


4. Primo Italian

A rustic and real Italian restaurant in the heart of Reykjavik.  Here, in an old house by Bankastræti in Reykjavík, you can experience Italian cuisine with superb fresh ingredients. No regrets!

W: Primo


5. Valdis

Ice-cream is food and the way to our hearts no matter the season (or time of day) Mouth watering… let’s just say you would not want to miss this in Reykjavik! They have countless of flavors and portions are big! Thank us later!

W: Valdis


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